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5 Causes Your Heat Pump Isn’t Cooling Your House

A heat pump is a type of pump which helps to move the temperature from low to high. It helps to heat and cool a house depending on the requirement of the season.

All types of heat pumps work on the basic principle of moving the heat from one place to another instead of heating the fuel to create the heat.

There are two types of heat pumps. 

  1. Ground source heat pumps- It helps in transferring the heat from the houses to the ground outside.
  2. Air source heat pumps- it helps to transfer the air outside the home and the air inside. It can be ducted as well as a ductless air-source heat pump. Ducts have a powerful central unit that heats or cools the entire house.

On the other hand, ductless has a small hole in the wall which connects the indoor and outdoor unit, and it is a single unit for a single room.

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These heat pumps absorb the heat energy in heating mode from the outside air and transfer it to the inside. In cooling mode, it absorbs the heat from the indoor unit and releases it to the outdoor unit.

Heat pumps are becoming a necessity to cool our houses efficiently and resulting in low energy usages as their cost and energy efficiency make them a necessary purchase for the homeowners. 



A refrigerant is a liquid inside the coil, which helps transfer the heat between the indoor and outdoor air. If the liquid is low, proper heat transfer cannot happen. As a result, your heat pump has decreased the cooling capacity, so the heat pump should constantly run to maintain the temperature. If you suspect refrigerant leakage, immediately contact the professional and get it fixed—the best heat pump repair in Orange County.


It sometimes happens that the outdoors is blocked by the branches of the trees or foliage. It stops the unit to expel the hot air outside. As a result, it affects the cooling ability of the unit. You should clean the area around the outdoor unit regularly to prevent blockage and better the unit’s performance.


The coils are the heat transfer between the refrigerant in the coils. If the coils are dirty or are frosted, then they will not allow the air to occur. If you see the ice buildup on your ACs coil, always allow it to melt. But make sure you are not removing the ice physically as you may end up damaging the delicate coil fins.


Make sure the thermostat is set to cool mode, and the temperature is set according to the current temperature of the house. Always set the temperature 2 degrees less than the room temperature. 

  The thermostat fails to work if constantly changing the temperature. We should always do a proper study on the thermostat to avoid the expensive service charges.


Our smell sense is an essential tool to check whether something is wrong or if the heat pump troubleshoots something. The reason for the heat pump smell is 


If you smell a musty odor, there is a chance of some mould growth inside the heat pump on its surrounding walls. Mold growth means the growth of fungus in the AC. This can affect our health, so if you suspect a mould, to avoid mould circulation inside your house, turn off the heat pump. Call the professional for deep cleaning or replace the unit if required with the help of professional heat pump repair services.


It sometimes happens if the heat pump smells as if it is rotten, then an animal may have crawled in and died inside the heat pump. Take off the outside cover and try to remove the carcass yourself. If it cannot be mended, then call the best heat pump repair Orange County.


If your heat pump smells something burning, there may be a severe electrical issue inside the AC, such as failing motors or damaged wires. Always take care of the burning smell and immediately turn off the circuit breaker and contact the professional to find the cause of the smell. As the entire electrical appliance, it is prone to occasional problems with these handy heat pumps.

To get rid of all the problems of the heat pumps, make a list of the troubleshooting checklist. You can start with the thermostat as if it is set according to the temperature of the room. Secondly, check the outside unit whether it is running correctly or not. Lastly, check the vents for the airflow in the room. If the air blowing out is not cold enough or the pressure is less, check the filters whether they are clean. After checking this exclusive still, you feel an issue, then contact the best heat pump repair Orange County.

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