4 Activities To Pass The Time

4 Activities To Pass The Time At Home During Lockdowns

Americans are spending more time in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telecommuting is a major factor therein. A Stanford study last year found that 42% of Americans are working from home full-time. Large corporations and small businesses alike have seen the benefits of remote work forces. Many are implementing permanent work-from-home models even when the pandemic ends.

Granted there have been some negative effects from people being at home more often. A study published this past January in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse found that binge drinking increased substantially across the country in 2020. But a lot of parents are spending more time with their children. Spouses are rekindling the early days of their relationships, trying to make up for lost time due to previously-hectic work schedules.

Our homes have always been our castles. But spending more time in our castles means making adjustments and improvements for greater comfort and contentment. Here are five ideas to attain those goals.


A Maclean’s magazine survey undercover the sad truth about reading in America. More than one -quarter (28%) of Americans admitted to not reading one book in the past year. Only 28% said they read 11 books or more in the past year. Youtube, Hulu, and social media have destroyed one of humanity’s greatest pastimes. There’s never been a better time to resuscitate reading.

Use websites like Goodreads and The Book Seer to find books that interest you. Join book clubs to keep you engaged. It’s a lot more fun reading when you have discussion groups thereafter.


The International health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association estimated that 25% of gyms in the United States closed permanently by the end of 2020. This had led to more holistic, online approaches to fitness.

Bloomberg estimates that 72% of gyms are now offering live-streamed, on-demand group and individual workouts. That its up from only 25% in 2019. It’s a natural business reaction due to many former members avoiding gyms for fear of catching COVID-19. Online personal trainers and nutritionists not only help you stay healthy, but also act as confidant and friend.


A December 2020 home advisor survey found that home services spending increased 45% year-over-year. But many homeowners said they did DIY projects versus inviting someone into their home doing the pandemic. Good news is that home improvements are continually getting simpler and more geared towards novices.

Switching out a faucet is as simple as buying a wrench, turning off your water, and installing the new one. Hesti Cabinet makes custom, easy-to-install cabinets. All of its products are made in the USA and cost a fraction of the price for traditional cabinets Simply visit the online gallery and request a quote.

Artificial grass

Curb appeals effects home values by upwards of 7%, according to a Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics study. Some Americans are still weary of allowing service people into their homes. Artificial grass satisfies both conditions.

Synthetic turf looks, feels and acts like natural grass. The differences are that it requires no watering, mowing or landscaping of any kind. Maintenance is minimal, meaning you have a bright green, perfectly-primped lawn 24/7/365.

Make lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders work for you with the foregoing tips.

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