10 things women should take into their diet

These 10 things women should take into their diet

Women often neglect their health while taking responsibility for home and family. A healthy diet is very important for both men and women. But the dietary requirements of women are different from that of men.

After 30 years, women’s bones begin to weaken faster than men. Many diseases can also occur if health care is not taken care of at this time. In this case, every man should take care of the 10 healthy foods in his mother, wife, sister, daughter diet.

Flax Seed

The use of Flax Seed in the diet should be special. The Flax Seed contains omega-3 and fatty acids. Consuming it reduces the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Flax Seed has an anti-inflammatory property that relieves arthritis and stomach ailments.

Salmon fish

Iron deficiency is found in the body of women. Because of this they suffer from anemia. Women should eat foods that contain the most iron. This deficiency can complement salmon fish. It has elements that also alleviate the problem of women’s mood swings. In addition, the risk of depression decreases.


Several studies have found that eating cranberries reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack. In addition, consuming it also eliminates the problem of urinary tract infection seen in women. That is, women must drink one glass of cranberry juice every day.


Most people do not like this vegetable but it has a rich amount of Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium, and Ayres. So it turns out to be excellent superfood for women. It eliminates problems like swelling, blotting, excess weight.


Eating walnuts eliminates omega-3, fatty acid deficiency in the body. By consuming it the bones become stronger. In addition, arthritis and depression also decrease.


Consuming oats helps keep the heart healthy. Also, BP remains in control. Oats also contain vitamin B6. This removes the PMS feature and mood swings. Eating oats during pregnancy and before pregnancy increases folic acid. Which helps the baby to grow well.

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Dairy product

Calcium is one of the most common deficiency in women worldwide. Dairy products should also be included in the diet in order to eliminate calcium deficiency. Milk as well as other dairy products contain vitamin D and calcium, which alleviate women’s problems.


Lycopene, one of the essential ingredients for women’s health, is abundant in tomato. This element saves from heart disease. Because of this element, tomatoes are red.


Broccoli is also a herb that helps prevent cancer. It is beneficial to include broccoli in the Daily Diet. Chemicals found in broccoli help kill cancer cells, such as sulfurophen, leukemia and melanoma. Eating 1 cup broccoli keeps the body healthy.


Beetroot contains many nutrients that you will not be able to keep healthy when you include them in your diet. It is found in abundance of fiber, folate, vitamin B9, magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamin C. All of these nutrients reduce the risk of anemia, reduce the symptoms of PMS, are very effective in solving mood swing problems. Drinking 1 glass of Beetroot juice will relieve the problem of high blood pressure.

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